Nanotopia’s Midnight Mushroom Music, in collaboration with the Metaverse Crew South Africa, presents Live Reactive Fungi Frequencies and Interpretative Dance Performances featuring meta-artist R00T and the Particle dancers.

Connecting living mycelium* biodata into a VR experience, Nanotopia’s bio-sonification modules translate micro fluctuations in conductivity into MIDI, enabling them to send fungi energy through their synthesizers, creating a multi-species musical entanglement.

The connected mycelium reacts sonically and visually within the audio-reactive world, to the virtual and physical human presence in a fungi-feedback loop.

R00T interprets the fungi frequencies inside the VR space through a full-body-tracked dance performance, while she directs a swarm of inhabited particle dancers through the VR world to interact, melt and fight with her, driven by the mycelium beats.

Visitors into Mycelia are encouraged to explore, harvest Amanita, and go for a swim while listening to mushroom melodies and experiencing the dance.

*Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus or fungus-like bacterial colony

Mycelia premiered at A MAZE. / Berlin 2021