A MAZE. / Berlin 2o21

Hey there! We’ve been working with the MCSA since April. Building this incredible environment within VRChat for A MAZE. / Berlin Festival 2021

Living mycelium sending sounds into VR & within VR there is the Meta Mycelium Network

Talking to, touching this Meta Mushroom triggers haptic sensors in our studio!

These sensors are placed around the living mycelium who in turn react sonically to you touching it in the virtual world. 

Visit Mycelia from July 21 thru Midnight EDT July 25, 2021 & explore!

Midnight Mushroom Music performances take place for 

A MAZE. / Berlin opening festivities (it’s their 10th Anniversary!)

July 21st, 21:00 CEST  Free Stream link for those that cannot join us in VRC https://youtu.be/-NSkQEDxVKY

with an interpretive tracked dance performance with Meta artist R00t & Mycelials from the MCSA

July 22, 21:00 CEST Midnight Mushroom Music Live stream link:  https://youtu.be/MxasZY0j1U8

July 24, 23:00 CEST with another dance performance! Stream link: https://youtu.be/9z8MXDVy-4M

Performances will be streamed for free! Grab the links above & set reminders.

Attendance into the VRC Mycelia world requires registration as space is limited

PC users can visit Mycelia with a PCVR headset or via 2D. Registrants will receive a link into the Garden of Fungal Delights. Links will be made available the evening of the event you registered for. The Garden of Fungal Delights is essentially a lobby area where visitors can meet and change into one of the amazing avatars created for you to become a part of the Mycelia environment. Experience what it might be like to be a microbe, a fungus and who knows what else is in store! If you are on Discord we suggest you join the A MAZE Discord Server! https://discord.gg/x8qCMRP

Please read up on A MAZE fest’s Code of Conduct.

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