Mycelia @ Venice VR Expanded!

Mycelia is a Special Event during Venice VR Expanded 2021 September 6, 22:00CEST

Mycelia: an otherworldly, meta mycelial, musical immersion.

Mycelia resides within VRChat.

The original concept: connect living mycelium biodata into a VR experience. The Mycelium* reacts sonically and visually within this audio-reactive world.  Connecting living, nonHuman organisms through custom-built bio-sonification modules.

Nanotopia works with analog, semi-modular, and Eurorack synthesis. Their bio-sonification modules translate micro-fluctuations in conductivity to MIDI notes and controls, enabling them to send fungi energy through their synthesizers, creating a multi-species musical entanglement. During Mycelia, MetaVerse Artist ROOT performs an interpretive sporulation dance accompanied by Particle dancers; colleagues from the MVSA.

Visitors into Mycelia are encouraged to explore the crystalline mycelial cave, harvest Amanita, and go for a swim while listening to Midnight Mushroom Music and experiencing the dance.

* Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus or fungus-like bacterial colony.

For further information regarding bio-sonification, please visit

Mycelia original concept by: Tosca Terán & Sara Lisa Vogl

Mycelium Bio-sonification & live music: Nanotopia Ganoderma lucidum Pleurotus ostreatus

Dance Performance : R00T, Izmic, Lex, non-fungi

World building by: The MVC / Dale Deacon Phace / Jason Stapleton Tonetastic Tyson Cross

Avatars created by: The MVSA Tyson Cross / Dale Deacon Phace / Jason Stapleton Nanotopian/Tosca Terán Sara Lisa Vogl

Atmospheric audio & performance audio set-up: The MVSA’s Tonetastic

Thanks to:

VRChat Prefabs




Wandering Chew


Thorsten S. Wiedemann & A MAZE. / Berlin

James King

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