Mycelia wins the Spirit of Raindance award for artistry, bravery and the indie spirit throughout production and live performances!

Mycelia @ Raindance Film Festival Immersive section

Performances October 29, and November 21st, 2021 20:00BST/GMT

Venice Film Festival VR Expanded 2021

Date: 6th September • Start Time: 22:00 CEST

How to Attend: Accredited guests join our event host.

How to access:

HMD Compatibility: PC only

Venue: VRChat: Mycelia performance space

Mycelia resides within VRChat

Opening night performance

July 21, 2021

A MAZE. / Berlin

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A MAZE. / Berlin Festival opening Free stream

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Wednesday July 21st, 21:00 CEST A MAZE is turning 10!

Nanotopia is performing a live streaming bio-sonification Midnight Mushroom Music set. During the performance Metaverse Artist R00T is embodying the Mycelium spirit through an interpretive dance together with other Mycelials from the MCSA.